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“the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

–eleanor roosevelt

so true. and while i know the former first lady meant to emphasize the beauty of dreams, i love to dream a future of the perfect beauty.

see when i dream of the perfect me, i am sometimes strong, other times vulnerable. sometimes i teach but often i learn. i also alternate between caregiver and pampered. there are clearly multiple versions of my character. but in my dreams, i am always beautiful. never once has my “dream me” been less than a flawless and radiant beauty…you too?

you want a future with the beautiful you of your dreams? me too! and that’s why i created jakes aesthetics. the concept is simple: realize the beauty you see within you.

see i do this because i was raised this way. when i was a little girl, my grandmother only seemed to care about how her children and grandchildren looked. were we pressed, neat, and mostly were we cute? she seemed happiest when we were at our sunday best and someone, anyone said it. “oh she is so cute.”photo

i have to admit it felt pretty good to get that compliment too. but as i grew up, i began to think the entire process was a bit shallow. wasn’t i more than just cute? where was smart? happy? interesting? honest? did any of that matter?

of course it did. so i got the degrees (Howard, Vanderbilt), had the jobs, made the connections, etc. and it felt good. but i still wanted the same ole compliment…cute, pretty, attractive. whatever the word, i wanted it. and so do most others. compliments on appearance are the ones new mothers want for their babies, women and (though they wont admit it) most men want above all.

so i shared it! and WOW! that felt just as good. telling people they look pretty brings out the best in them. and that smile on your face will make my day.

so come in, in the spirit of my grandmother, Georgia Ellis Singleton, and Eleanor Roosevelt, and let jakes aesthetics make your dreams of beauty come true.