meet torrie jakes

luckily for me making people prettier and helping them learn to like the reflection in the mirror is my profession.  after a trying a conventional path that led to college at Howard University, a law degree from Vanderbilt University School of Law, and a brief legal career, i was bored and just unhappy. so while i  tried to figure out what was next, i decided to become an aesthetician.  this was meant to be a temporary career change but after graduating from  John Jay Beauty College (Aesthetics,  2003), i began a practice in traditional European aesthetics.  And not only have I stuck with this “temporary career,” i have loved every minute of it!

i have worked in spas as well as been an international aesthetics and product trainer. i have seen clients achieve the skincare transformations and trained staffs to execute the changes. but what I love most is treating and bonding with my spa clients.  that was the inspiration for the 2008 opening of jakes aesthetics—to specialize in the treatment of those men and women i get to know as we make dreams of beauty true.  in 2009, i became a certified medical aesthetician so i can achieve real, lasting, life-changing results! since then, jakes aesthetics has grown into a medi-spa where everyone is welcome…to become pretty, cute, beautiful…
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